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The Cottages

The cottages: floors, walls (interior & exterior) terraces, shower rooms, furnishings & equipment are the same (except the refrigerator) , only decorative elements , choice of flooring, paint color may differ ...

 Free wifi in all chalets (except Cottage N0 88): free service.

Choose your cottage and chalet & view the slide show photos:

                      Laurence et Eric Souvy     Cottage N0 119      Cottage No 120     Cottage N0 127         Cottage N0 128

                   Ayatte & Celestino Braga      Cottages No 117 & 118

Nathalie & Jean-Bernard Barsoulet     Cottage N0 88        Cottages N0 115 & 116       Cottage N0  126

Hourtin Port (les Moussaillons Cottages) & l'Île aux Enfants

Hourtin Bourg (2,5 km from the Cottages)

Hourtin Plage (12km from the Cottages)